About us

What is Perfomo?

Perfomo or “Performance Advertising Network” is a European company, which is working since 2012 in the partnership marketing sphere.

Perfomo is a secure and simple affiliate marketing platform, which provides a successful collaboration between the advertiser and advertising partner, making a better communication, solve technical and practical questions, guaranteeing payments in a timely manner, transaction reports and placing advertisement.

The goal of Perfomo is to offer Advertisers reliable and effective ways of advertisement placing, which will improve the position on the market and helps to expand the business, but advertisement partners will have the possibility to use available advertisement material on the Perfomo platform and receive income from placing advertisements on your network or mobile app.

Why Perfomo ?

The Perfomo team works to provide effective reach of business targets and guarantees not ineffectual clicks for advertisements, but an increase of positive deals and an increased sales index. This is why Perfomo carefully chooses their Advertisement partners, websites and mobile apps for advert placement, to make sure, that the partnership brings a mutual income.

The corporation of Perfomo with Advertisers and advertising partners is based on a mutual dialog, a responsive client support system and not only a conscientious relationship in finance questions, but also in preparing statistical data.

What are the advantages of a partnership with Perfomo?


Convenient and up to date solutions
for business expansions
and reaching marketing targets

The possibility to develop a business in all countries, where Perfomo works

A partnership with a professional team, which will care about your interests,control advert placement, accomplishments, look after latest market tendencies and make sure the advertisement reaches the target audience



The possibility to form the volume of their income on their own by choosing high quality advertisement material from a wide spectre

The possibility to work with websites and also with blogs and mobile apps

An honest salary commission payment
in a timely manner