Affiliate marketing solutions for Advertisers.

Affiliate marketing solutions from are base on affiliate principles, when Advertisers implement payments to advert partners only for closed deals or other results, which were established as advert targets. uses modern views and methods of research, which allows to identify all deals, purchases made and other conversions from advert partners on their home-pages, blogs or mobile apps. The partnership between Advertisers and advert partners happens remotely, because all communications and calculations are provided by the affiliate platform from the team.

Use different affiliate methods.

Advertisers have the ability to work with different models of partnership programs - CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPD (Cost Per Download), CPC (Cost Per Click). Choose the most satisfying and productive solution for your business, combine to ensure sales growth and ROI from marketing.

Offer effective types of advertisements! affiliate, an affiliate program for marketing, which works with all popular formats of multimedia advertisements, including online video clips, flash and HTML. The advertiser can create and offer different types of advertisement material for Advert partners, using all possibilities of modern technology. Presenting a variety of advertisement material to your Advert partners, you provide a possibility to adapt to a wider audience.

Use discount coupons and the product’s data feed.

Data feed, discount coupons and codes can make your advertisement more profitable on different internet - pages, allowing to regulate their content. For example, price compare and discount lists, which are used by potential clients as one of the most important areas in their purchase history.

Extend the sales border - segment the target audience.

Different tools of segmentation can help in the creation of advertisements, directed to specific community groups in geographic areas. This is a possibility to start sales outside Latvia without large risks and expenses, getting a new and wider layer of potential clients. finds Advert partners from the area of your choice and care, so that your advertisement was placed in the most suitable internet - location.