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Marketing affiliate program offers:
Honest and transparent relationships between all stakeholders; Modern and exact deal accounting; Modern and exact deal accounting is a participant of the partnership program, which provides accounting of deals, controls the commission traffic and in certain times makes bank transfers to your advert partner bank account.

The advert partner profile allows you to receive information about the terms and amount of payment in the programs, on which you made an application. This way you can plan your income and know, when to wait for the commission to be transferred to your bank account. In your profile you see, not only the overall money, which was earned, but also the commission for separate affiliate programs.

You can receive the accounted data for different periods - day, week, month. This gives you the opportunity to see the data with different periods and analyse, how the skills of an advert partner are developing and what success you have reached. Also you will have the access to detailed notifications, about what deal accounting programs were the most successful on your internet resource. The analysis of available information allows you to choose profitable and effective advert programs, optimise your internet resource for more success, which brings you only growing profits.

Partnerskie programy marketingu afiliacyjnego zaczynają rozwijać się na całym świecie, co udowadnia ich efektywność i znaczenie dla otrzymywania znaczących zysków, zarówno dla Reklamodawców, jak i dla Partnerów reklamowych.

This is why it is the right moment to join and become a successful Advert partner.

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What are the advantages of a partnership with Perfomo?


Convenient and up to date solutions
for business expansions
and reaching marketing targets

The possibility to develop a business in all countries, where Perfomo works

A partnership with a professional team, which will care about your interests,control advert placement, accomplishments, look after latest market tendencies and make sure the advertisement reaches the target audience



The possibility to form the volume of their income on their own by choosing high quality advertisement material from a wide spectre

The possibility to work with websites and also with blogs and mobile apps

An honest salary commission payment
in a timely manner