Increase your Income

Optimise your internet resource and earn more.

Find out how you can optimise your internet resource and achieve that the placed advertisement material generates you a larger income.

Begin with the easiest

To successfully optimise the gained profit in the program affiliate, at first it is necessary to go through the main 4 step program. Only this way you can start to earn by placing adverts on internet resources. After fulfilling the easiest steps and closing the first deal of in the partnership program affiliate, you can analyse the situation and use different methods, such as to improve the success of your internet - resource and increase the profits from affiliate deals.

Close more deals by choosing suitable adverts.

One of the keys to successful closed affiliate deals is the choice of suitable advertisement. The choice of partner programs and advert campaigns has to be based on the interests and needs of homepage visitors. Determine, who is your target audience and then you can offer them the right advertisement. If the visitor will be interested in it, then it will bring you an income for the fulfilled task set by the advertiser. On you will find advertisements, which represent different spheres and can be used for a wide target audience. Familiarise with the advert offers and choose the ones, which fits the most to your internet resource.

Use different advert formats

To attract attention of internet users to your placed adverts, you can use different advert formats and solutions for the placement. Advertisers offer adverts of different content and formats - banners, multimedia adverts, online video, thumb panels, discount codes, HTML and flash. Use the adverts, which effectively attracts the attention of visitors to your page the most. A big amount of closed deals always means big profits.

Choose suitable payment methods

The partnership program affiliate uses different payment and executed work accounting models. Work with the models, which complies the specifics of your internet - resource and can provide more resultative actions. The model CPA provides you with profits for closed deals and transferring the traffic to the page of the advertiser. But in other cases the payment can be counted for every click, download or other actions, which the advertiser decided are important. Choose those adverts, payment models, which are suitable to your possibilities and will guarantee you the most profit.

Analyse the results and use effective solutions

In your Advert partner profile you will find detailed information about every closed deal and income, which it brought. You can find out what type of advert and content was the most profitable, what solutions of advert placement brought the most success. This information allows to handle, on which campaigns to place an application in the future and what type of adverts are the best to use, because they work the best on your internet resource.