An effective program for accounting transactions

An effective program for accounting transactions

The program for accounting deals, Perfomo, is a modern, effective and technological platform, which provides reliable Perfomo partners. It allows Advertisers to track their advertising campaigns and programs, see which of the Advert partners decided to participate in the programs, but also track the success and closed deals with the involved Advert partners..

Perfomo, suggests Advertisers a technological platform easy to use and to manage, which allows to control the work of partners, track the growth of the affiliate marketing activities of your business. The received information is very valuable in any company, because it allows to take confident, based on real data and growth orientated decisions related to marketing activities and business development perspectives.

Cooperating with Perfomo, Advertisers will gain a reliable partner while providing advertisements and reaching marketing targets. Perfomo and advert partners will take care of advert placement and successful implementation of deals, but you, as an advertiser, will gain visual marketing data and already closed deals. You will save time and energy, which you can dedicate to the most important - ideas and growth of your business. Perfomo will do the rest and the modern program for control and accounting deals.

Ka┼╝dy Every Advertiser, who becomes a Perfomo business partner, receives the access to the control and deal accounting program, as well as to an extensive massif of information, which provides detailed deal tracking. Within it you can analyse the activities of your clients in the internet, steps, which they will do to close deals, find out about client’s habits while purchasing and main tendencies. The possibility of analysing is unlimited. This can be the key to an income increase and creation of an effective marketing strategy..

What are the advantages of a partnership with Perfomo?


Convenient and up to date solutions
for business expansions
and reaching marketing targets

The possibility to develop a business in all countries, where Perfomo works

A partnership with a professional team, which will care about your interests,control advert placement, accomplishments, look after latest market tendencies and make sure the advertisement reaches the target audience



The possibility to form the volume of their income on their own by choosing high quality advertisement material from a wide spectre

The possibility to work with websites and also with blogs and mobile apps

An honest salary commission payment
in a timely manner